What is Stardoll?

http://www.stardoll.com is an online, gaming, community for girls and boys of most ages e.g Child, teenager, young adult/ Most players are within the 10-17 category. It is a Fashion Simulation Game where you create your avatar/medoll and edit them to suite you you can make them as classy looking as you wish or as gaga looking depending on what your ‘style’ is. It’s a great way to show off who you really are and tells you not to be afraid of it. There are soooo many fun thing to do on their such as; designing and buying your own jewlerry, hair, clothes etc. Putting virtual make up on your doll. Decorating your suite/house to how you dream it to be and much more! I believ http://www.stardoll.com was set up in 2006 but I could be wrong xD

All the members of Stardoll staff will have thei name e.g. Callie and the word ‘Stardoll’ after their name just so it makes it easier knowing who’m the stardoll staff are they will also have a stick on their page to proove they are Stardoll Staff this picture will show you what I mean…

Image Notice the big purple sticker? That is your evidence that the member you are visiting is 100% really part of their Staffing team. So be warned anyone who says they are ‘Stardoll Staff’ but does’nt have a badge/sticker is clearly lying to you.

Image This is Callie.Stardoll is’nt she cute? Aha anyway she is the face of stardoll and she’s very important without her Stardoll would’nt be as great as it currently is so a BIG yey for Callie guys!x

If you have important things to ask don’t waste time sending her a message because she won’t read them (it’s not her job to) she suggests you look in the ‘Help Section’ by clicking the pink question mark located on the right hand side of the navigation bar.

Image [You’re looking for an icon like that btw] xD


When you create an account on http://www.stardoll.com it is 100% free however if that is’nt good enough you can always upgrade to a superstar membership or a royalty one depending on how much you’re willing to pay.

Sometimes Stardoll do a special deal if their is a special event on. Currently the special deal is called the ‘Miss Stardoll World Pass’ the picture below gives you three options of how you are able to pay for this pass and also includes details about what you’re actually going to recieve from it.


If this is’nt suitable there are other options for you to choose and different choices of how you’d wish to pay e.g. Credit/debit card, paypal or mobile.

Image You have to click the different buttons to find your personal decision…

When you buy superstar this is what you recieve [taken from the Stardoll site hence the quote marks]

‘As a Superstar you will enjoy:

  • A premium package of Stardollars.
  • StarBazaar: Sell your clothes, designs and other items at your own store, the StarBazaar.
  • More rooms for your Superstar Suite
  • 50% Superstar Sales are just for you. Stretch those Stardollars even further.
  • Early access to all New Stardolls
  • Up to 100 pages in your Superstar Album
  • A golden frame around your Avatar and a highly ranked search profile
  • A Superstar can create Parties!
  • A Superstar badge on your Avastar and nickname
  • Special high-end items from Real Brands and our own designs are kept in reserve especially for you
  • Be the first to enjoy all our upcoming singular Superstar features now in development.’

There is also an even higher ranking account called ‘Royalty’ this is what my current account is and here is what you recieve with it [again taken from Stardoll.com]

‘What is Royalty?

It’s a fun status given to our most active and loyal users and is a way of us giving back to the users who have given us the most support. When you become a Royalty member you gain

access to an exclusive club.

Royalty users receive a silver profile card, a diamond next to their name in lists as well as a silver frame around their avatar.

Certain items in Starplaza are only for Royalty and there is now an exclusive Royalty only shop.’

So, when looking on a stardoll profile and seeing a Golden Star netx to the users name this means that they are a Superstar member also if they have a golden frame around their Medoll’s display pic it means they are a Superstar … let’s use my beloved friend Cazz for this exempler 😉

Image Image see the golden star and frame? Yeha that’s right Caz.. be a superstar!

Royalty members are very similar however they have a pic of a diamond instead of a star and also a platinum frame like Moi!

Image Image Spot the difference xD

Please Note: There is MUCH MUCH more info I can say about Stardoll but one is aware that neither your or me have that time for that 😉 … for now anyway haha



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